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Angel Healing Workshop

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Heavenly Day with your Angels


Sabi leads life transforming day workshops on different areas of life. These events have transformed hundreds of lives over the years! Throughout the workshop, you will be guided into deep hypnotic meditations to access your inner world of sub-conscious beliefs, trapped emotions, negative patterns and limitations, in order to reprogram them into your desired replacements. Your energy body will be cleared, cleansed and strengthened to help support your new positive state of being. Your general well-being and happiness is the goal when we invoke the pure energies of your guiding Angels, Ancestors Archangels & Ascended Masters. As we release all unwanted aspects using the highly charged and purifying Angelic Healing energies, you become perfectly aligned to your desired outcomes. Angelic frequencies of Love, Light, Peace, Freedom and Truth will replace Ego frequencies of Fear, Suppression, Doubt, Insecurities and Hopelessness. 

Are you a highly sensitive empathic being who cannot help but absorb other's pain, beliefs, energies and judgments? Are you always depleted of your own energy as you help others? You will learn and practice throughout the day how to cleanse, manage, protect and permanently strengthen your energy field so you can be fully in charge of your inner world.

You will learn powerful spiritual healing techniques to set your strict but loving boundaries without guilt, energy clearing techniques, spiritual responsibility & ethics. All of these tools will help you to stop absorbing other's negativity and depleting your energy. Throughout the day you will enhance your intuitive abilities to see and feel etheric energy cords and learn how to dissolve them with forgiveness and love as you start living with spiritual responsibility.

With a renewed positive outlook, clear energy field and leaving the Angel Workshop on an emotional high, you will naturally attract better situations into every area of your life. You will move forward fearlessly towards your goals, allowing your higher self to guide you with courage to express yourself fully with love. Relationships, Work, Finances, Health and general well-being will be more harmonious as you are aligned to your truth.

We will invoke the powerful energies of ARCHANGELs to enhance and quicken your clearing, healing and manifesting throughout the day. These workshops are creating huge shifts in all areas of people's lives, and participants experience instant miracles as soon as they leave!

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I would love to teach everyone how to bring Angels, Meditation, Intuition, Crystals & Card Readings into their lives. I truly feel and believe that we can all integrate Angel Healing into every area of our lives. This will help ease the pressure, worries, concerns and general heaviness as we are supported and guided by our beautiful Angels. During this workshop you can practice invoking Angels, channelling their Guidance, Healing others, Manifesting desires and simply blessing everything and everyone. If you are a teacher, practitioner or similar, I will teach you how to integrate Angel Healing with what you do to get even better results!

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