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Angelic Coaching

'' Release the trauma, Raise your vibration, Rejoice in Bliss ''

Angelic Coaching Packages have helped to awaken, empower and transform many of Sabi's clients' lives.

Our Conscious Mind (10%) needs to be aligned with the Superconscious Mind (Higher Self), in order to connect with ‘Divine Source Energy’. This can only happen successfully when the Conscious Mind is free from any negative influences of the Subconscious Mind (90%) such as the negative energy of past experiences and emotions which need to be transmuted and neutralised. The vast majority of humanity is either suffering or just getting by. To live in flow, in love, and in peace, we need to raise our vibration to match that of which we wish to attract. Many people are not living their lives, not living up to their potential and are not the best version of themselves. We all have the power and tools to change our reality, and attract what we want. 

What is Included


Choose an area of your life that you wish to work on and shift the energy aro​und. You will be guided by Sabi to think very carefully about setting clear Intentions, and together you will do a plan outlining what you would like to achieve. You will get 4 sessions of 60 minutes via zoom, preferably at the same time each week.

Health & Well-Being



This will heal your energetic body by channelling the pure, healing and subtle energies of the angelic realm. Balance, harmony and vitality begins in the mind, creates your emotions and eventually reflects on your physical body. By energetic bodies we mean the energy field around you sometimes referred to as your aura. This energy field contains many layers of your being, including your mental, emotional, astral and soul bodies - your complete spiritual and physical anatomy. As they are all strongly interlinked, when one layer contains energetic blocks caused by negativity, it will have an impact on the others. The final place for this negativity to show itself is your physical body. This healing package will work as a complementary therapy in line with your current medical treatments and with the professional advice of your doctors.  


Creating Abundance



This will heal the blocks around your expression. Your natural creativity, your sexuality and your identity are all forms of your expression and if there are any negative outlooks in these areas, the flow of life force energy is trapped therefore creating a distorted image of you into the world. This is then followed by stress and frustration that you are not following your divine path. Examples of these are reflected in your career, business, financial abundance and purpose for living. You will gain clarity about who you are, why you are here, what is your calling in life and when & how are you going to get there. This package will help to build your confidence and self esteem to help you achieve your goals.

Love Relationships



This will heal your heart from past traumas, especially in regards to soul-mate or family relationships and empower you to manifest your desired relationship. The art of co-creating begins with the knowledge that your inner world is reflective in your outer world. Loving yourself and your life first is imperative before manifesting a relationship, as the other person who you will attract through 'need' or 'fear of being alone' will more than likely reflect your own insecurities back at you. Using the guidance of the angelic realm, once you are free from the limitations of your mind or past situations, you will move closer towards your compatible soul-mate. This will be enhanced with magical soul linking meditations that you will learn and practice throughout your life changing programme 

Intuition Activation & Ascension



This will connect you with the higher realms of heaven, which will completely transform your way of life. In essence, the Soul is already healed, therefore it is a matter of placing the ego and conditioned personality to a side in order to live as the soul. Knowing and feeling where you originate from will give you the reassurance that no matter what challenges you are faced with in this lifetime, there is an invisible supportive source of energy available to you. You will connect with your higher self, usually referred to as your spirit or soul, which will bring you an understanding that you are much more than you realise. This will lead to you accessing abilities that you were never aware of up until that point in time, including your Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience skills, in order to live a life seeing, hearing and feeling the love of your guiding angels. Expect a huge positive and amazing life transformation with this package as you begin the ultimate heaven on earth experience.



**Please note at present Sabi can only offer 121 appointments between 1pm to 5pm or 8.30pm UK time on weekdays only**


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Angelic Coaching Package

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