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The Secrets of Angel Healing

'' Available Worldwide by Penguin Publishers''

About Angel Healing

Angel Healing, combined with Hypnotherapy, will create an emotional and mental shift from negative to positive, leaving you feeling lighter, calmer and a lot more hopeful to achieve your desires, goals and dreams. Every person has at least one Guardian Angel to call upon for assistance in their lives. The process of connecting, communicating and co-creating all that you desire with Angel Healing is very pure and simple, and the purpose of Angel Healing is to bring about great positive transformations in your life. Angels provide their love, wisdom and guidance in order to help you achieve all-round wellness and the happiness you deserve. 

Angel Healing Benefits


Angel Healing for your Body:

How would you like to lead a more fulfilling life with better health, energy and vitality? Behind every dis-ease, dis-order or dis-comfort, there are mental, emotional and spiritual energy blockages which the process of Angel Healing will help you to dissolve and boost your the flow of your Life Force energy. This process will enhance your body's natural healing and immune system. Some of the common physical symptoms that can be resolved are illness & disorders, pain & tension, weight imbalance, lethargy & tiredness, stress, sleep issues and addictions.

Angel Healing for your Mind:

How would you like to have a positive perspective on life, a very creative mind, to be in control of your thoughts, enhance your confidence and fearlessly move forward? Your mind is the driving force behind your actions and results, therefore the thoughts, beliefs, mental programs you have influence every situation you find yourself experiencing. Most fears are unconscious, so a conscious decision to change your life isn't always enough to break the negative patterns holding you back. The process of Angel Healing will show you to find and release the unwanted energies from childhood, past memories or cultural conditioning.  

Angel Healing for your Heart:

How would you like to feel emotionally balanced, peaceful, joyful and live a life filled with unlimited unconditional Love? Relationships are one of the most challenging areas of our lives, at times causing disharmony. Peace begins from within therefore when you find inner peace, this will reflect into your outer world and create harmonious relationships with others. The process of Angel Healing guides you to locate the negative emotions you are suppressing, find compassion and forgiveness for the cause and feel empowered enough to choose the happiness you deserve. Some of the common emotional symptoms that can be resolved are feelings of loneliness, rejection, bullying, grief or heartbreak.

Angel Healing for your Soul:

How would you like to become aware of your inner guidance system, wisdom of your soul and connection to the Angels who guide and protect you? Many people are soul searching to find the real purpose of their lives. Sometimes a spiritual wake up call comes in form of experiencing loss or a traumatic event. The process of Angel Healing will support you through this awakening and guide you through the transformation into a blissful and happy life. Your intuition is a gift and possibly the most incredible tool that can help you to see the bigger picture at all times. This way you can detach from the negative dramas of life and embrace this lesson of each situation as you grow spiritually, find your soul mate and live as an Earth Angel!

Buy Sabi's Book from Amazon!!

'The Secrets of Angel Healing' was published by Penguin Publishers in 2011 and is available on Amazon in English and Spanish. The Author, Sabi Hilmi professionally guides people through major life transformations such as career transitions, relationship challenges and spiritual awakenings. Her clients range from musicians, actresses, Life coaching professionals, therapists, accountants, journalists, lawyers, nurses, school teachers, corporate bankers and business owners to University students, sensitive children and many more. She worked in Corporate Banking for 20+ years, balancing the stressful city life with her peaceful spiritual practice. She was made redundant from one of the US Banks who paid for further studies, so when she discovered a spiritual development college, she booked, studied and qualified in every course that was available! Shortly after qualifying, she was offered an opportunity to co-teach part time at the college. After creating this Purely Angels website in 2009, The Sunday Times found that Sabi was a perfect candidate to interview for an article entitled 'Do you have a Guardian Angel?' which was read by thousands of people including Penguin Publishers who eventually asked her to write her first book.

The Secrets of Angel Healing is a comprehensive guide book to change your life, leading you to successfully reach your full potential and happiness in all areas of life. Order from Amazon! See 5* Reviews

Section 1:

Introduction to Angels & Archangels, Feeling the Angel Healing Starlight, Learning about your Energy Body & Chakras, Learn the basics to Meditate

Section 2:

Developing your Intuitive skills, Connecting & Communicating with Angels to change your life

Section 3:

Angelic Healing for your BODY covering: Illness symptoms, Weight Problems, Attractiveness, Lethargy, Sleep & Astral Travel, Depression, Sensuality

Section 4:

Angelic Healing for your MIND covering: Positive Thinking, Overcoming Fears, Successful Career, Creativity, Confidence, Stress, Abundance

Section 5:

Angelic Healing for your HEART covering: Loneliness, Rejection, Bullying, Bereavement, Heartbreak, Forgiveness, Finding Love,  

Section 6:

Angelic Healing for your SOUL covering: Awakening, Intuition, Cleansing, Negative Energy, Attracting Soul Mates, Spirit Guides & Soul Family, Living as an Earth Angel


The Secrets of Angel Healing

~ Book Reviews!


Amazon 5 *stars, 27th July 2016

A lovely book, written beautifully and in a way that flows so perfectly. I attend Sabi's meditation classes, and this book reads how she speaks...calming & reassuring. A great intro to the world of Angels, you can feel how she was guided in writing it as you read.

The meditations are lovely, and you will pick it up and put it down numerous times dependent on how you feel and what you need.

Please give it a try, a beautiful book.


Amazon 5 *stars, 4th July 2015

By Jeanette Lambert WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!


Amazon 5 *stars, 27th February 2015

By nickiy Format: Kindle Edition

Beautiful book.

I love this book. I've read it many times and always turn to it In times of need. There's something for every situation and for me it brings instant calm and a sense of peace. I have many spiritual books and this is the one I find myself referring to the most.


Amazon 5 *stars, 4th December 2014

The Secrets of Angel Healing will open your mind and chakras to the energy of angels and their golden angel starlight energy.

By Cheryl Galea

The Meditations within this book were very helpful and easy to follow as I have just passed my Reiki 2 attunement. The chapters were all relevant to my own practice and gave me new ideas on healing my own chakras and sending distance healing to my family and friends. Any time I have a pain or feel ill I send myself golden angel starlight energy and open my charkas within my body as a meditation. Healing my body mind and physical, emotional body, auras fields that work within my body. This book has given me the advice and knowledge to move forward and understand how angels work with us to provide intuition and protect us if we only ask for help and advice in our daily lives.


Amazon 5 *stars, 8th March 2011


By Theresa (Tetworth, U.K.) 

I absolutely love this book, from the moment I started reading it I truly felt connected. It is written in such a wonderful and pure way. The information and guidance on how to channel your own angels is the best I have read and the meditations at the end of each section are great! Thank you Sabi for writing this truly remarkable book - I would recommend it highly to anyone, even the sceptics!


Amazon 5 *stars, 8th March 2011

Angel Healing...

By Nicola (U.K)

This a great book, easy to follow with really good meditations at the end of each chapter. I will keep using it as a reference book whenever I need a bit of help...


Amazon 5 *stars, 3rd March 2011

A very special book.....

By L Saunders, (Herts, UK) 

I have just finished reading this amazing and very different book and felt compelled to write a review straight away! 'The Secrets of Angel Healing' is written in such a beautiful, pure and loving way that you feel the angelic guidance within it from the very first paragraph. Before reading this book I was experiencing a difficult phase in my life... I found myself reading a chapter each time I felt a little low or in need of some `me' time - and never failed to come away from it feeling uplifted and inspired!


Although I worked my way through the book systematically completing the practical exercises along the way, you could very easily use it as a quick reference guide - dipping in and out of the relevant chapters as needed. Finally, I just wanted to share that I have experienced some very magical moments throughout this book, including meeting my own guardian angel and receiving confirmation that I am on the correct path to fulfilling my life purpose. Whether you are new to angels, already in tune with your angels or just plain curious about angels - I can not recommend this book enough! Thank you Sabi - your book has left me with a feeling of wholeness, certainty and love... I can't wait to read the next one!


Amazon 5 *stars, 28th February 2011

Angelic Book!

By SM, (London, UK)

This book was recommended to me by a close friend. I was a little sceptical to begin with, but I ordered it and to my surprise enjoyed it. I found it easy to read, without any jargon. Sabi goes into detail about a lot of her personal experiences, which I could relate to. A lot of books have been written about the same subject, but I think this one is different and a refreshing read.


Amazon 5 *stars, 17th February 2011

Written well for a learner with crystals!

By Catherine Ann Bowles (Merseyside Liverpool)

I haven't read it all as keep going back to chapters I like, it is easy to understand and is explained well would recommend it to a learner of crystals.


Amazon 5 *stars, 4th February 2011

One of the Best Angel Books Out There!,

By Miss Starlight (London, UK) 

'The Secrets of Angel Healing' is one of the very best Angel Books I have read! It is easy to read, very informative and full of beautiful healing energies. Not only this though, it is also very practical. Looking at a huge variety of life situations and issues, and offering an angelic perspective on them, and how to improve them. Each chapter has a meditation exercise to go with it. And my favourite bits were the success stories of many different people who'd received Angel Healing. This book would suit both people new to the subject and those with more experience as well. There is such so much treasure in it, that my words here don't do it justice. It is a must have addition to everybody's book collection! Love it!!


Amazon 5 *stars, 1st February 2011

The beautiful 'Secrets' of Angel Healing

By Veena Davidson (London, UK) 

You know the information in this beautifully written book has come from higher realms as soon as you start reading. It is honest, moving, and uncomplicated. There is an abundance of spiritual information which is beneficial to any seeker regardless of religious background. The best thing about this book though is that the techniques given for connecting with angelic beings work remarkably quickly. Our journey through life can be enhanced when there is the experience of being loved and cared for by our own Guardian Angels. This book is a key!


Amazon 5*stars, 23rd January 2011

By A. Kaushik (London, UK)

Sabi has written a brilliant, insightful and comprehensive book on angels. I have read many books on the subject and can say that the wisdom in this one book by Sabi equals, if not more, wisdom in all of those books combined. The book demystifies the world of angels, offers meditative practices, illustrates real life examples from her and others' lives and offers practical ways of working with angels to have breakthroughs in our everyday life. The love, the authenticity and the divine blessings are reflected in every word. Love & Light. 


Amazon 5*stars, 16th January 2011

By C.Clark, (Bristol, UK) 

Dear Sabi, I would like to thank you for writing such a wonderful book in which I cant seem to put down, just reading what i have read so far fills me with wanting to really connect with the angels and learning more about them. I live in the north somerset area of Bristol. I would be most grateful if you would put me on your list for your next Angel Healing Workshop as I would love to learn more about getting in touch with my angels and getting to know how they can help me.


Amazon 5*stars, 13th January 2011

By A. Wilds (Derbyshire, UK)

Hello Sabi, I know an angel put your book right by the library door to catch my eye a couple of days ago! I haven't put it down. About 18 months ago I was woken up in the night by a bright white flash of light like nothing I've seen. I have tried to rationalise it but having read your book I feel sure its an angel presence. This is very reassuring!! Over the last 3 years I have been aware of my own spiritual evolvement. I am an avid,curious reader and have soaked up alot of 'takes' on essentially the same message of simply 'being love' through all you do. Your book has enlightened me on so many levels. I have struggled with negativity in my romantic life recently but feel your words have answered many questions. I met a man I knew to be a soul mate but he keeps his distance. I now see his purpose to show me my own shadows!! I will be working on heart healing now! Many blessings Sabi!!


Amazon 5 *stars, 9th January 2011

This is not just another angel book but a comprehensive guide to everything spiritual! By D. Phillips (B'ham England) 

This book is a comprehensive guide to everything spiritual. With angel healing at its core it is beautifully written, pithy and much grounded in its approach. It's packed with information that brings increased enlightenment no matter how many times you read it. The meditations are pragmatic and effective with the succinct "Angel Secrets" pulling together perfectly the content of the chapter in just a few blessed words and providing the angelic icing on this "nothing like Mom's homemade cake" of a book! With unlimited angelic wisdom, love and practical advice abounding it has to be a must for everyone's spiritual reference library! From the newly awakened to the hardened earth angel, all will find the answers or reminders they need to make this harsh physical life so much more abundant in all that we desire. Brilliant - Thank you for this huge contribution to raising planet earth consciousness!


Amazon 5 *stars, 8th January 2011

Healing Angel!

By lou, (London, UK) 

I thought this book is very touching, open and channeled wisely from the angelic realm. The loving, simple meditations can be practised anywhere and will have a positive affect on anyone wishing to have the guidance and love from the angels which is evidently awaiting all of us.


Amazon 5 *stars, 29th December 2010

Greatest Angel Healing Book with Full of Love and Healing,

By A Tom, (Ealing, U.K)

I believe that Angels used a very pure soul to create this book. It is an amazing book with full of healing power. Your soul and body will be cleansed automatically while you read amazing book. It is truly from Angels. It is special, very special, I am short of words....I think you read it and experience it. I decided to write a review because I want all to experience the joy I received through this book. Thank you author, publisher and amazon for providing it for me. God bless- Thanks Angels

I strongly strongly recommend all who read my review to read this book and get healed by the lovely Angels.

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