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'The Secrets of Angel Healing' was published by Penguin Publishers in 2011 and is available on Amazon in English and Spanish.  The Author, Sabi Hilmi professionally guides people through major life transformations such as career transitions, relationship challenges and spiritual awakenings. Her clients range from musicians, actresses, Life coaching professionals, therapists, accountants, journalists, lawyers, nurses, school teachers, corporate bankers and business owners to University students, sensitive children and many more.  She worked in Corporate Banking for 17 years, balancing the stressful city life with her peaceful spiritual practice. She was made redundant from one of the US Banks who paid for further studies, so when she discovered a spiritual development college, she booked, studied and qualified in every course that was available! Shortly after qualifying, she was offered an opportunity to co-teach part time at the college. After creating this Purely Angels website in 2009, The Sunday Times found that Sabi was a perfect candidate to interview for an article entitled 'Do you have a Guardian Angel?' which was read by thousands of people including Penguin Publishers who eventually asked her to write her first book.

Professional Qualifications
Clairvoyant Medium, Clairaudient and Clairsentient
Certified Usui Reiki 3 Master Practitioner & Teacher
Certified Angelic Reiki Master Level & Practitioner
Certified Angel Healing Advanced Practitioner
Certified Theta Healing Advance Practitioner
Certified Soul Plan Analysis Practitioner
Internationally Published Author
Certified Spiritual Life Coach
Past Life Meditation Guide
Qualified Hypnotherapist
Egyptian Tarot Reader
Meditation Teacher

About Angel Healing
Angel Healing, combined with Hypnotherapy, will create an emotional and mental shift from negative to positive, leaving you feeling lighter, calmer and a lot more hopeful to achieve your desires, goals and dreams. Every person has at least one Guardian Angel to call upon for assistance in their lives. The process of connecting, communicating and co-creating all that you desire with Angel Healing is very pure and simple, and the purpose of Angel Healing is to bring about great positive transformations in your life. Angels provide their love, wisdom and guidance in order to help you achieve all-round wellness and the happiness you deserve. 

About Purely Angels
Purely Angels has served hundreds of people to transform their lives for the better using the powerful technique called Angel Healing.  We are based in Cockfosters, Barnet in the United Kindgom and our services are available Face to Face at the Angelic Sanctuary, Online via Skype or by Telephone.
During classes and workshops, you can develop your intuition skills just as she uses hers, so that you can continue empowering yourself towards achieving the happiness you deserve. Sabi is described as a very caring and loving soul who will support you along your path, and she believes in empowering and inspiring you to achieve your results rather than disempowering you by telling you what you want to hear about what your future holds.  Your destiny is yours to create with the loving guidance of your heavenly Guardian Angels.

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