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Angelic Healing Sessions
'' Angelic Love, Guidance, Transformation & Healing ''

Life Transforming Private Sessions
Private consultations are very powerful sessions which create a deep shift in consciousness, energy, emotional wellbeing and physical relaxation that leaves you feeling so light and free. Whatever you may be experiencing in life that was weighing you down or blocking you from achieving your desires will be lifted.. this is guaranteed!  Childhood issues, traumas, phobias, relationship patterns, pain & disorders, uncomfortable memories and disruptive negative subconscious patterns are a few of the energies that we work on releasing - many people sense an internal change instantly and see external changes within hours after attending a session. The energy within your home, family and workplace will be difference after a session as we work on healing everything connected to you.

During a Consultation, Sabi uses her natural intuitive gifts to tune in and assess the situation and to be given the solutions through guidance from your personal Angels & Guides. She may use Angel & Tarot Cards for more information to reflect what Past Present and Future energies are showing up as. She then invokes Archangels and Divine Light through a series of channeled prayers through meditation, uses various reprogramming and energy healing methods to cleanse and purify all emotional mental and physical blocks, negativity or limitations which will set you free from the challenge you were experiencing.

Included in your 1 hour session is Intuitive Channelling to let you know what's around you energetically, Spiritual Guidance to answer all your questions, Past Life Journey of the Soul, Angelic Healing Meditation, Mediumship to bring messages from Angels / Guides and Life Coaching to move you forward into achieving your goals.

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Please pay online before your session for Skype & Telephone sessions. Cash is acceptable on the day of your session, we don't accept card payments.

Angel Session
30 Minute Session
Price: £35.00
Angel Session
60 Minute Session
Price: £65.00

Telephone / Skype
Landline: Sabi will provide her landline number in your booking confirmation. Please call her at the time of your appointment. If she doesn't answer straight away she could just be finishing up on a call so try a few minutes after!

Mobile: Sabi works in various locations therefore if she's unable to provide a landline at the time of your session, please call her on 07881 368 350 if you have free calls from your telephone network.

Skype: Sabi.Hilmi, London. Please send Sabi a request before the session.
At the time of your appointment, send her a message to say you are ready and if you would prefer your call with or without Video.

'' Have a list of your questions ready! Feel free to record your session.''

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