Purely Angels -      ''Creating Heaven on Earth with Angelic Healing''
Angel Meditation Classes
'' Transformational Tuesdays''

About Classes
These weekly meditation classes are held in a heavenly setting in our Cockfosters Angelic Sanctuary. Each class is different and completely spiritually guided in divine perfection. As testified by all regular participants, people always get exactly what they need each time!
These classes offer an opportunity to close the door to the outside world and go inwards to find what's no longer empowering or serving you well. With this awareness, we go into a meditative healing state of consciousness to release the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energies using the divine high vibrational energies. Towards the end of the class everyone is ready to manifest their dreams with a creative visualisation exercise using the law of attraction and powerful subconscious affirmations to reprogram all limitations.  Additionally, one of the best gifts that these classes offer is the meeting of like minded friends who support each other and witness the transformations taking place week after week. 

Learn to Meditate
Stress Relief & Relaxation
Spiritual Awareness & Guidance
Intuition Development & Practice
Connection to Spirit Guides & Angels
Healing for the Body, Mind, Heart, Soul
Law of Attraction and the Art of Manifesting

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Please bring £15.00 cash on the day.

Includes : 1.5 hours of Meditation, Healing & Spiritual Guidance

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