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Thank you for visiting Purely Angels, created by Sabi Hilmi in 2005 and since then has served hundreds of people across the world with Angelic Healing. All services are based on 'The Secrets of Angel Healing' teachings published by Penguin Publishers in 2011. Please browse through our pages and get in touch if you have any questions!


Sabi is described as a very caring, highly intuitive, loving soul who will support you along your path. Wherever you are on your journey, she believes in empowering and inspiring you to achieve your result with the loving guidance of your Guardian Angels.


Sabi is a highly experienced meditation leader and specialist, also trained hypnotherapist and qualified in many various Spiritual Healing modalities at an advanced level. Sabi has a natural ability to lift people out of negative mindsets and emotions causing suffering, and into the higher emotions of love, peace and joy for life. Her technique involves connecting you to access your higher mind/self, higher purpose/plan and higher universal/spiritual energies to achieve your highest potentials in all areas.


Author by Penguin Publishers


In 2010, whilst working for a Japanese Bank, Sabi's website was found by a Sunday Times Journalist who was keen to interview her to find out how she juggled the spiritual way of life whilst working in the stressful City as a Banker! This article was published and found by Penguin Publishers which lead to her first Book deal. 'The Secrets of Angel Healing' a practical and spiritual book to find happiness, was published worldwide a year later so this pushed her to make the biggest personal and professional decision of leaving a well paid secure permanent job to follow her passion. Her full-time Spiritual Healing business matched her Banking salary within two months, and rewarded her so much joy and freedom in the process. She created a client base of over 500 people which became impossible for her to manage and unfortunately lead to burn out. Deciding to go back to Banking in 2013 as a Contractor gave her the space to focus on her own personal life and rebuild her banking career. Since then she has been successfully balancing both careers. 

Sabi's Sessions


*Apologies, Sessions are currently unavailable*


Having given thousands of private consultations to people from all walks of life, ages and professions, she has had many positive results and miraculous changes in her client's lives. Combining her natural gifts with her developed skill set, Sabi is able to effortlessly guide large groups into higher states of consciousness with her soothing and hypnotising voice and specially designed guided visualisations which can deliver results for people who don't believe they can meditate or be hypnotised! She has assisted many people through her TV, Radio, Magazine appearances and internationally published book, in transforming their lives. Sabi has combined all of her skills, talents, qualifications, experience, knowledge from both Industries to offer these unique, regular, effective, affordable sessions.

Having started her practise from a tiny flat in Hertfordshire many years ago, moving into yoga studios, conference rooms, retreat destinations and prestigious Harley Street in London, she is offering Online sessions.

Holistic Healing Qualifications


Clairvoyant Medium, Clairaudient and Clairsentient

Certified Usui Reiki 3 Master Practitioner & Teacher

Certified Angelic Reiki Master Level & Practitioner

Certified Angel Healing Advanced Practitioner

Certified Theta Healing Advance Practitioner

Certified Soul Plan Analysis Practitioner

Internationally Published Author

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Past Life Meditation Guide

Qualified Hypnotherapist

Egyptian Tarot Reader

Meditation Teacher






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