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About Purely Angels
Purely Angels has been established since 2009, and over the years it has served hundreds of people to transform their lives for the better using the powerful technique called Angel Healing. We offer a variety of services in order to reach many people all over the world, with the intention of creating a little bit of Heaven on Earth by restoring Love, Peace & Joy within each person.  Purely Angels is a fast growing spiritual network with members from all walks of life, all professions, all levels of spiritual awareness who are dedicated to Being their best, Living their best and Giving their best in life.

About Sabi Hilmi
Sabi Hilmi is the Creator of Purely Angels. She is a professional Intuitive Counsellor, Healer, Author & Teacher. She works as a natural clairvoyant medium with the ability to intuitively read and feel subtle energies within or around you. By tapping into the higher frequencies of the Angelic Realm through prayer and intention, she can facilitate a healing of your unwanted inner emotions and outer effects or challenges.  As an intuitive healer with many years of experience, Sabi has helped hundreds of people turn their lives around with this unique and powerful Angel Healing method guided by the Angels, and using the energy of pure Love.  Her technique transforms anything negative in your mind, heart or energy body back to its pure state of peace and positivity. It balances you and transforms your inner world into Love, Harmony and Enlightenment. Sabi mentors many people through major life transformations like career transitions, relationship challenges and spiritual awakenings either through private consultations or group classes.  

Before Purely Angels, Sabi had worked her way up in Corporate Banking, and it was during this unfulfilled time that she found an interest in personal development. She discovered colleges which offered various holistic healing courses and she enrolled on every course available!  Shortly after qualifying in all of them, she was offered an opportunity to co-teach part time at the college. For many years Sabi was balancing the fast paced corporate city life with the spiritual world of peace, love & light.  In 2009 The Sunday Times came across this website and interviewed her, which then led to her publishing her book 'The Secrets of Angel Healing. Order her book on Amazon if you'd like to read her personal journey of opening up to the angelic realm and learn how you can do the same! Her book reveals the Angel's secrets for dealing with challenging situations in everyday life and also includes meditations with many practical exercises. 

During classes and workshops, you can develop your intuition skills just as she uses hers, so that you can continue empowering yourself towards achieving the happiness you deserve. Sabi is described as a very caring and loving soul who will support you along your path, and she believes in empowering and inspiring you to achieve your results rather than disempowering you by telling you what you want to hear about what your future holds.  Your destiny is yours to create with the loving guidance of your heavenly Guardian Angels.

'As a naturally intuitive empath and loving lightworker, my calling is to empower people to transform their lives into their most desired reality. Working very closely with the divine high vibrational Angels, I align people to their higher selves by healing everything in the way of their success. With spiritual life coaching, I then lead people towards achieving their highest potentials in all areas of life. Having worked with hundreds of people across the world, I am humbled to witness their successful transformations.   If you are interested in attending my Meditation Classes I will share with you my personal secrets, prayers & techniques that help me to do my Angel Healing work without being drained even though I'm a very sensitive person, as I'm sure one of the biggest problems out there is people absorbing other people's negative energies! During every class you will have your energy cleansed, balanced and energised, ready to manifest the life of your dreams!  These weekly events give you an opportunity to go inwards and let go of negativity and attract golden opportunities for you to achieve all that you desire with the help, support and love of your Guardian Angel!' 

** Sabi's Qualifications & Accreditation **

International Published Author: 'The Secrets of Angel Healing'
Professional Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient
Certified Usui Reiki 3 Master Practitioner & Teacher
Certified Angelic Reiki Master Level & Practitioner
Certified Angel Healing Advanced Practitioner
Certified Theta Healing Advance Practitioner
Certified Soul Plan Analysis Practitioner
Intuitive Counselor Spiritual Mentor
Past Life Meditation Guiding
Professional Hypnotherapist
Holistic Events Organiser
Egyptian Tarot Reader
Meditation Teacher

About Angel Healing
Angel Healing will create an emotional and mental shift from negative to positive, leaving you feeling lighter, calmer and a lot more hopeful to achieve your desires, goals and dreams. Every person has at least one Guardian Angel to call upon for assistance in their lives. The process of connecting, communicating and co-creating all that you desire with Angel Healing is very pure and simple, and the purpose of Angel Healing is to bring about great positive transformations in your life. Angels provide their love, wisdom and guidance in order to help you achieve all-round wellness and the happiness you deserve. Below are some examples of how Angel Healing can help your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul:-

Body:   How would you like to lead a more fulfilling life with better health, energy and vitality?  Behind every dis-ease, dis-order or dis-comfort, there are mental, emotional and spiritual energy blockages which the process of Angel Healing will help you to dissolve and boost your the flow of your Life Force energy. This process will enhance your body's natural healing and immune system. Some of the common physical symptoms that can be resolved are illness & disorders, pain & tension, weight imbalance, lethargy & tiredness, stress, sleep issues and addictions.

Mind:  How would you like to have a positive perspective on life, a very creative mind, to be in control of your thoughts, enhance your confidence and fearlessly move forward?  Your mind is the driving force behind your actions and results, therefore the thoughts, beliefs, mental programs you have influence every situation you find yourself experiencing. Most fears are unconscious, so a conscious decision to change your life isn't always enough to break the negative patterns holding you back.  The process of Angel Healing will show you to find and release the unwanted energies from childhood, past memories or cultural conditioning.  
Heart:  How would you like to feel emotionally balanced, peaceful, joyful and live a life filled with unlimited unconditional Love?  Relationships are one of the most challenging areas of our lives, at times causing disharmony. Peace begins from within therefore when you find inner peace, this will reflect into your outer world and create harmonious relationships with others.  The process of Angel Healing guides you to locate the negative emotions you are suppressing, find compassion and forgiveness for the cause and feel empowered enough to choose the happiness you deserve. Some of the common emotional symptoms that can be resolved are feelings of loneliness, rejection, bullying, grief or heartbreak.

Soul:  How would you like to become aware of your inner guidance system, wisdom of your soul and connection to the Angels who guide and protect you?  Many people are soul searching to find the real purpose of their lives. Sometimes a spiritual wake up call comes in form of experiencing loss or a traumatic event. The process of Angel Healing will support you through this awakening and guide you through the transformation into a blissful and happy life. Your intuition is a gift and possibly the most incredible tool that can help you to see the bigger picture at all times. This way you can detach from the negative dramas of life and embrace this lesson of each situation as you grow spiritually, find your soul mate and live as an Earth Angel!

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