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Angelic Blessings from Sabi Hilmi

Our mission is to create Heaven on Earth with the powerful technique of Angel Healing through our regular Meditation Meetup events in Cockfosters.
Sabi has successfully helped hundreds of people to transform their lives with her internationally published book 'The Secrets of Angel Healing' and her popular inspirational events.  All you need is an open heart and an open mind to see the results!

Angel Healing will create an emotional and mental shift from negative to positive, leaving you feeling lighter, calmer and a lot more hopeful to achieve your desires, goals and dreams! 

Sabi's Qualification & Accreditations 

International Published Author: 'The Secrets of Angel Healing'
Professional Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient
Certified Usui Reiki 3 Master Practitioner & Teacher
Certified Angelic Reiki Master Level & Practitioner
Certified Angel Healing Advanced Practitioner
Certified Theta Healing Advance Practitioner
Certified Soul Plan Analysis Practitioner
Spirituality & Intuitive Counsellor
Past Life Regression Guiding
Holistic Events Organiser
Egyptian Tarot Reader
Meditation Teacher

Message from Sabi 

'' I have so much spiritual light, wisdom and love to share with the world. My passion is in making a small difference to a large amount of people, in hope of making life more bearable and enjoyable during these challenging times. I am truly blessed to have studied with amazing teachers here in the UK and in Bali and have been on my own spiritual journey for over 15 years. I look forward to my path ahead continuing to learn, teach, grow and make a difference. Love and blessings, Sabi ''

Personal Journey

Sabi Hilmi has worked in Corporate Banking for 19 years after completing her education. During this time she found an interest in personal development and experienced her own spiritual awakening so began her healing journey. She discovered colleges which offered part time holistic healing courses. Shortly after qualifying, she was offered an opportunity to co-teach part time at the college. For many years Sabi was balancing the fast paced corporate city life with the spiritual world of peace, love & light. After many years of studying, practising and teaching, she created 'Purely Angels' offering various services of Angel Healing to individuals and groups.   She is known as Britain's Leading Angel Expert and she teaches The 'Secrets' of Angel Healing through her book, events, programs and individual private sessions.   As well as a Financial professional, Sabi is also a natural intuitive healer and spiritual counsellor with many years of experience, having helped hundreds of people turn their lives around. She is the creator of a very unique and powerful Angel Healing method guided by the Angels, and using pure Love.  This technique balances the body, mind, heart and soul, transforming negative energies, emotions and thoughts into the higher energies of Love, Harmony and Enlightenment. Sabi continues to mentor many people through major life transformations; including intuition development, career transitions, relationships and spiritual awakenings.   She is also a creative writer. In her book titled 'The Secrets of Angel Healing' she describes her personal journey of opening up to the angelic realm and she teaches you how to do the same. The book reveals the Angel's secrets for dealing with challenging situations in everyday life and also includes meditations with many practical exercises. Sabi has a unique ability to 'tune in' to any negative energy which may be blocking the positive energy flow within your body, mind, heart, soul and life. Once this is identified and released, you may instantly feel the shift that she has facilitated for you. This leaves you feeling lighter, hopeful and free to move forward fearlessly.  She can also help you to develop the intuition skills just as she uses hers, so that you can continue empowering yourself towards achieving the happiness you deserve. Sabi is described as a very caring and loving soul who will support you along your path. She believes in empowering and inspiring you to achieve your results rather than disempowering you by telling you what you want to hear about what your future holds.  Your destiny is yours to create with the loving guidance of your heavenly Guardian Angels.

Sabi's Timetable ~ Online Booking
'Come along to our Heavenly, Relaxing, Healing and Life changing events!

  • Stress Relief
  • Law of Attraction
  • Relax & Rejuvenate
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Intuition Development 
  • Release negative energy
  • Meet like minded friends
  • Connect to Guides & Angels
  • Healing for Body, Mind, Heart & Soul



Private Consultations
1pm - 4pm


Private Consultations
Meditation Class (Evening)
11am - 5pm
7pm - 8.30pm


Private Consultations
1pm - 4pm


Private Consultations
11am - 4pm


Meditation Class (Daytime)
Private Consultations
1pm - 2.30pm
4pm - 8.30pm


Angel Therapy Group
Angel Guidance Group
1pm - 2.30pm
3pm - 4.30pm


Intuition Dev. & Tarot Class
3pm - 4.30pm


Online Booking :
Name & Email:
Select Classes :
Meditation Evening : Tuesdays ~ 7pm-8.30pm
Angel Therapy : Sat 28.11.15 ~ 1pm-2.30pm
Angel Guidance : Sat 28.11.15 ~ 3pm-4.30pm
Intuition Dev & Tarot : Sun 29.11.15 ~ 3.30pm-5pm
Date Attending :
Bringing Friends :

Email : sabi@purely-angels.com

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